One of Darca’s majors that students can choose to pursue is Diplomacy. Thanks to the help of Darca teacher, Ilyse Ben Zagmi, part of the Diplomacy major allows students to participate in Model UN conferences. The conferences  started at Ilyse’s school in Gedera and as the program has generated incredible success, it has expanded to Darca schools across the country.

Ilyse and her school, Darca Begin High School in Gedera, hosted the first network-wide Model UN Conference in June of 2018. The event brought students together to participate on Human Rights, UNICEF and Refugee committees and to discuss pressing global issues such as child soldiers, preventing the spread of infectious disease and privacy in the digital age. AND, the event was completely in English!

In November of 2018, a new group of students participated in the second network-wide Model UN conference. Over 150 students joined together to debate, discuss and collaborate on world issues. Similar to the first one and the school-specific conferences; all Model UN meetings take place entirely in English.

Darca continues to innovate education in a way that sets up the students for real-world success. If these students are debating real-world international politics completely in English at age 16, imagine what their future will hold…