Legacy Society

What began 30 years ago as a dream to positively impact the next generation of Israelis through supplemental education, has now blossomed into a movement that has changed the educational landscape in Israel. Youth Renewal Fund’s work has been consistent and steadfast and the partnership with Darca in 2014 has allowed YRF to deepen it’s impact by providing exceptional education to tens of thousands of students in Israel and supporting 435 schools across the most underserved areas of Israel.

Ways to Give

Gifts Made Through a Will

You can leave a gift to YRF in your will (“bequests”). Bequests are the most popular options for creating a legacy because they are so flexible, allow you to retain your assets during your lifetime and can be designated according to your wishes.  To do so, you would ask your attorney to include your gift in your will or estate plan.  Click here for sample bequest language.


Beneficiary Designations/Retirement Funds

Legacy gifts can also be made through assets that pass through by beneficiary designations without the need for a will or trust.  You can make a gift by adding YRF as a beneficiary of a percentage of your retirement funds, such as IRAs, along with your other named beneficiaries.  You can also make YRF a beneficiary of other assets you may have, such as life insurance policies, bank accounts or donor advised funds.  These gifts are simple to do without an attorney, and many times the forms are found online. To name YRF as a beneficiary, please use our legal name, Youth Renewal Fund, and our federal tax identification number 13-3641489.


Other Ways to Give

There are other ways to make a legacy gift to YRF such as an endowment, trusts and annuities, using appreciated assets such as securities or real estate, or making a current distribution from an IRA.  Making a legacy gift is a personal decision, depending on many factors.  We can help you and your advisors on how to make the best gift for your financial, family and philanthropic needs.


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