When it comes to keeping up with the latest technologies, Darca is one-step ahead. One of the highly used pieces of technology that Darca is implementing into their classrooms is Virtual Reality. By leveraging VR technology, students are able to immerse themselves in places that they might never have the chance to visit. A lesson on the ocean is that much more impactful when you virtual exploring the ocean right before your eyes.

Don’t believe us? Hear what the students have to say about their experiences with VR…..

“When I put on the VR glasses, it’s more fascinating, intense and more experiential” 

“I feel that my senses and imagination are activated” 

“I can explore the world and learn about it, explore the human body, explore the outside of the earth, experiment in a laboratory and more” 

“The learning experience using VR is more more unique and meaningful. There is no way to forget something I learned with VR”