Darca truly believes that by empowering the teachers they are setting them up to, in turn, empower the students. Darca spends a lot of time throughout the year focusing on professional development for their teachers. Some training workshops are focused on teaching individual programs such as the coding robots or Darca’s unique Escape the Room classrooms. Other workshops focus on safety within the schools and how to approach threatening situations. One specific workshop that was started this year focused on the English teachers. They spent the day engaging in inspiring sessions and learning about the most effective and exciting ways to teach. No matter the topic, Darca teachers are always left feeling inspired to bring their kids the best education possible.

Check out the videos below to get a glimpse into what these teacher trainings look like. Darca is the number one network in Israel for many reasons, but one of them is thanks to the incredible teachers who work tirelessly to support each and every students’ success.