12 Darca Schools Ranked Among Top High Schools in Israel

Dear Youth Renewal Fund Supporters,

We are proud to announce that 12 Darca Schools have been chosen for the Ministry of Education’s “Excellent High Schools” List in Israel for the 2016-2017 school year. Last year 11 Darca schools were on this list and the previous year, 8 Darca schools. 48% of Darca schools have been named as “top rated” schools in Israel.

Among this prestigious list, is Darca’s school in Netivot. This school was operating at a 13% Bagrut passing rate when Darca first took over the management and now has a deserving place among these top rated high schools in Israel.

Additionally, we would like to recognize that the Darca Druze School in Yarka is one of two schools in the country that has appeared on this national ranking for five consecutive years. 

The Youth Renewal Fund is humbled to support Darca Schools, a network that stands out boldly among other high school networks on this list in regards to the ratio of top rated schools.

We would like to recognize the principals, teachers and staff of these 12 high schools, the incredible and hard-working staff at Darca and the amazing students. Darca is striving everyday to continue to fulfill its commitment of strengthening the social fabric of Israeli society through empowering schools in Israel’s most undeserved areas – andThe Youth Renewal Fund is humbled to support them in these efforts.


Dr. Gil Pereg, CEO, The Youth Renewal Fund