YRF Darca is now Youth Renewal Fund

Dear Supporters,

As our organization has evolved, so too has our brand. We are proud to announce the launch and re-brand of Youth Renewal Fund, a Darca Schools Foundation supporting 30 schools and institutions in Israel.

As you know, the past several years of partnership between Youth Renewal Fund and Darca has led to incredible success. Today, Darca is ranked the number 1 educational network in Israel and recently 12 Darca schools have been awarded the Ministry of Education’s top high school honors.

To help continue this momentum and accelerate our growth, we went back to our roots for inspiration. We have refreshed our name and logo to reflect who we are today, pay homage to where we came from and to symbolize our dynamic future.

Our staff, board of directors and cause remain the same. Our mission to leverage educational excellence to improve social mobility in Israel is stronger than ever. We are a proud philanthropic partner to Darca Schools. And we are committed to ensuring that your support is an investment in an innovative education across Israel.

We hope you like the new, old us. Stay tuned for more updates, subscribe to our mailing list and as always, thank you for your support.


The Youth Renewal Fund team