Israeli Entrepreneurs Fixing the Education System

A wonderful article to kick-off the Jewish New Year from Israeli news source Channel 20 focusing on the prominent Israeli entrepreneurs who have been extremely moved by the work here at Darca. As a result, many are now partnering with Darca in recent years as private benefactors, aligning themselves with Darca’s cause. The article highlights some of the great entrepreneurs who have been supporting these students and helping in creating the next generation of great Israeli innovators.

“Chairmen are adding a whole new layer of meaning, serving as a source of inspiration to students and school administrators alike,” says Darca`s CEO Dr. Gil Pereg, “their commitment to the schools, and their efforts to visit them, share insights and motivate the students, has been deeply valuable. We have all been inspired by the rapidly growing commitment and sense of responsibility Israel’s prominent entrepreneurs have shown towards this cause. I want to take this opportunity to express our gratitude, and invite likeminded successful Israeli business leaders to join this exceptional group.”

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