Darca Schools included in IDF Rankings

At the core of Darca’s mission, is the idea that a holistic, well-rounded education not only prepares students to go to university, but be dedicated and active members contributing to Israeli society. The first step in a students’ journey towards this is their years of national service directly following high school graduation.

Darca works with students through multiple different tracks to prepare them for their years of national service; over half of them going directly into IDF units.

A recent official statement issued by the IDF, noted two Darca schools ranked among the top five for their graduates’ outstanding army meaningful service in terms of percentage of recruits, service quality and advanced officer positions.

Darca Shaked School, in the Valley of the Springs was ranked second out of five high-achieving schools evaluating male soldiers and officers. Darca Ramon School, in Gedera, was ranked third out of five high-achieving schools evaluating female soldiers and officers.

Ultimately, at YRF and at Darca, we want our students to realize their full potential and cultivate a deep commitment to their communal responsibility. This data published by the IDF confirms that Darca’s methods are working.

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