YRF Founding Board Member Sam Katz on Investing in the Future

Youth Renewal Fund, since it’s founding 30 years ago has been run as a business and has viewed philanthropy as an investment opportunity. When partnering with Darca in 2014, the YRF team approached Darca in a similar way. YRF founding Board Member Sam Katz and Darca Board Member, Jimmy Pinto, share their perspective on the importance of the business foundation that lays the groundwork for success both at YRF and Darca in an article recently published by Haaretz. “All Darca’s sponsors see their involvement as an investment, rather than philanthropy. ‘Education’s payoff is long term, says Katz. ‘It’s benefits aren’t visible for a long time, that’s why educational reform in Israel now is critical, to create social mobility that will enable it to thrive in the future, and to confront its security, governance, technological and social challenges.”

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