Darca Network Ranked First by the Ministry of Education in Israel

Darca’s outstanding pedagogical achievements were officially recognized recently by the Ministry of Education in Israel, which has ranked Darca as the number one educational network in the country.


For the first time, the Ministry of Education compiled data on the achievements of Israeli school networks.  TheMarker journal analyzed the new Ministry of Education data, focusing on six of the largest networks – Ort, Amal, Amit, Bnei Akiva, Atid and Darca – and examined these networks according to several parameters set forth by the Ministry of Education. Of the six private networks operating in public high schools in Israel, Darca Network, was ranked in first place.

The Youth Renewal Fund is proud to be the US strategic and philanthropic funding partner for Darca Schools. Schools in the Darca network are located in under-served areas of Israel yet they continue to boast an average Bagrut score of 85%.  This is significantly higher than the national figure, as well as higher than averages in the most affluent communities in the country. We are confident that with Darca Schools at the forefront of educational change in Israel, our mission to solve the education gap in Israel feels more attainable than ever.

To see the full English translation of the article published in TheMarker, the PDF is available for download here